B-Free of Flies 32oz Spray

B-Free of Flies 32oz Spray


With its classic, easy to use design, the trigger sprayer allows you to direct B-Free of Flies product right where you want it!

B-free of Flies contains 0.22% Pyrethrins, and has been especially formulated for use on horses. Used either as a spray or wipe on, this protective coating protects horses against flies, while leaving a high sheen to the hair when brushed out. Simply apply either with a soft cloth or a fine mist spray, one or two ounces per head per day. B-Free of Flies is also a grooming aid and coat conditioner. It contains natural Pyrethrins and leaves no oily residue.

B-Free of Flies Key Benefits:

Natural Pyrethrins

Leaves NO Oily Residue

Protects Horses From Flies & Insects

Conditions Hair Coat

Great Longevity - Fewer Applications

B-Free of Flies Kills and Repels:

Stable Flies

Horn Flies

House Flies

Face Flies

Horse Flies

Deer Flies