EquiBoss Chelated Minerals

EquiBoss Chelated Minerals


What does the word “Chelate” mean? Chelate is the Greek word for “Claw”. This simply means that the compound has a ring like structure that contains a metal ion held by coordinate bonds protected in a “claw” like form. Through years of research, double covalent bonded technology has been developed. This simply means that CHELATOR MINERALS® are equipped with double the protection around each molecule keeping it held together as it passes through the gut back to the small intestine to be directly absorbed into the liver and blood flow.

CHELATOR MINERALS® optimize key production parameters above levels obtained by other organic mineral sources, which directly increasing customer profitability. CHELATOR MINERALS® can improve your bottom line by improving reproduction, decreasing mortality, strengthening bones and joints, improving immune response, and strengthening feed efficiency. CHELATOR MINERALS® have the highest bypass efficiency ratings over any other mineral, allowing for maximum bypass efficiency to the small intestine to be directly absorbed into the liver and blood flow.

CHELATOR MINERALS® combine ALIMET® feed supplement with an essential trace mineral in a two-to-one chelated molecule. This protects the mineral from antagonists, allowing it to be more efficiently absorbed once reaching the small intestine. The result is greater bioavailability, digestive tract stability, and a residual methionine effect that can reduce the required level of supplemental methionine per ton of feed.

CHELATOR MINERALS® are a highly bioavailable source of trace minerals. Feeding these trace minerals supports the integrity of the gut, hoof, mammary gland, and skin. Research has proven that chelated technology delivers more bioavailable trace metal to the small intestine than other leading trace mineral solution on the market today. CHELATOR MINERALS® will help you see more value from each equine animal when compared to other mineral sources, improving gut health, lameness, minimized somatic cell count & improved reproduction on mares.


Recommended feeding: Top dress this mineral/vitamin supplement over the forage of your choice.

Performance or training dose: (1) 2oz scoop daily

Maintenance dose: (1) 2oz scoop 3-4 times per week.

Foals/Weanling dose: 1/2 of a 2oz scoop daily