NeutraBac pH

NeutraBac pH


Did you know that common proton-pump inhibitors such as Omeprazole (what’s in gastrogard and ulcergard) that’s commonly prescribed for Ulcers in horses, has a common side effect called “Acid Rebound Effect”. Acid production increases causing a drop in gastric pH. This will cause ulcers to reappear.NeutraBac pH is a 100% ALL NATURAL blend of plant oils and plant extracts which aids in NEUTRA-lizing excess stomach acid, washing out harmful BAC-teria, and balancing pH during times of stress. This product also encourages FEED and WATER INTAKE during rigorous transportation, competition, and training. It's highly effective at reducing ULCER SIGNS as well as ULCER MAINTENANCE. NeutraBac pH is also an effective tool at combating digestive problems as well as colic symptoms and respiratory issues.


NeutraBac pH uses a true colloidal silver mineral supplement with the highest partical surface area ever tested for maximum effectiveness. Our silver is 0.9999 pure silver in colloidal form, which is classified as a “true silver colloid”. So what makes it different?

Smallest Silver Nanoparticles

Highest Particle Surface Area Ever Measured

Delivers Maximum Effectiveness

Highest Nanoparticle Concentration

Highest Bioavailability of any Colloidal Silver Product due to sub-nanometer sized particles

Particle size controls the surface area and therefore the effectiveness of the colloidal silver suspension

Made using the highest purity, sterile pharmaceutical grade deionized water

So what does all this mean? Are there really big differences in Silver out on the market today? The answer is absolutely a YES!! In the world of Colloidal Silver, particle surface area is the property of a colloid that directly determines its ability to react in its environment. Therefore, the effectiveness of colloidal silver is determined by Particle Surface Area. The higher the Particle Surface Area, the more effective the Colloidal silver will be and perform inside your Equine athlete. Colloid Particle Surface Area increases as the particle size decreases. The highest Particle Surface Area is achieved when there is a high concentration of nanometer or sub-nanometer sized particles.

Other companies selling silver type products will advertise very high values of silver concentration with the explanation that higher ppm concentrations are more effective but this is simply not true. Silver research does not support this argument!

NEUTRABAC pH SILVER combines the smallest nanometer size particles and the highest particle concentration, a powerful combination of properties, to produce a colloidal silver product that has the highest Particle Surface Area of any colloidal silver product ever tested … guaranteed!!‍