Ortho Equine IN STOCK

Ortho Equine IN STOCK


These are in stock Ortho Equine boots that are ready to ship! 🙂


Developed over the years of extensive research efforts for NASA and the US Navy Seals, ComfortTemp DCC is a revolutionary next generation thermal insulation that is now ready to be integrated into equine sports.

The power behind ComfortTemp DCC’s temperature regulating ability is patented, microscopic additive called ThermAsorb. The remarkable additives are able to alter their physical state to either absorb or release heat from the body while continuously “recharging” themselves for prolonged comfort and protection.

Lined with ComfortTemp which absorbs and transmits heat through the outer layer.

Breathable-yet durable- outer layer has 4way stretch, allowing the boot to conform well.

Dryz anti microbial interlining wicks away moisture and restricts bacterial growth.

An alternative to neoprene and other materials that keep your horse cool and comfortable.

Small- 8.5”-9.5”

Medium- 9.5”-10.5”

Large- 10.5”-11.5”

X-large- 11.5”-12.5”

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