Osteo-MAX' is a triple-action supplement designed to support the development, repair and maintenance of

bone, soft tissue and joints. It's effective nutrition for: OCDs, Epiphysitis, Degenerative Joint Disease,

Sesamoiditis, Navicular Syndrome, fractures, bone cysts and torn Tendon / Ligaments.

“Not only did the OCD get completely resolved in 3 months, I like that 1 pump a day is keeping my mares joints, ligaments and bones in tip top condition. She feels AMAZING and is back to her normal self. Thank you, Thank you!" - Julie H.


(1) - 4 month supply, 1 gallon

(1) - pump

"I absolutely love Osteo-MAX...

We started him on Osteo-Max after not one BUT TWO tendon tears back to back. He’s now 100% sound and looking and feeling great! I will continue to use Osteo-Max for all my horses.

Thank you for giving our horses a better healthier life ❤

Mona H.