Revita+ GastroSnax

Revita+ GastroSnax


Does your horse get nervous? Tired of expensive medications? Most equine stress is stomach related. Try this supplement in the form of a treat. Help defeat that stress by choosing Gastro-Snax, the ultimate performance snack! A simple snack proven to take the edge off your equine partners.

⚡️Reduces Stress

⚡️Reduces Anxiety/Stress from hauling or stall confinement

⚡️Calming Effect

⚡️Promotes Healthy Stomach

⚡️Helps manage ulcers

⚡️ Helps ease joint discomfort/pain

⚡️ Helps ease muscle soreness



✨Marshmall Root

✨Slippery Elm Bark

✨Golden Flax Seed



Gastro-Snax can be given once a day, twice a day, or as needed. Give 1 snack 1-2 hours prior trailering, competing, or stalling. 🤗